Main Theme

Cultivating quality in nursing education for global health

  1. Competency development and evaluation in nursing education
  2. Preparing nursing students for the high-technology healthcare environment
  3. Readiness for the education of new-generation nursing students
  1. Preparing nurse educators
  2. Educational leadership in nursing
  3. Faculty development challenges in nursing education
  1. Nurturing a culture of quality in nursing education
  2. Evidence-based teaching in nursing
  3. Innovation and technology in nursing education
  4. Closing the gap between theory and practice in nursing education
  5. Interprofessional nursing education
  6. The role of nursing education in achieving the SDGs
  7. Ethical and legal issues in nursing education
  8. Building the future of nursing education: Dealing with crises
  9. Quality and accreditation in nursing education
  10. Cross-border nursing education
  1. Orientation education in healthcare institutions
  2. In-services education in healthcare institutions
  3. Continuing education in nursing practice
  4. Patient education issues in practice